I’ve seen many implementations of this Algorithm or “Game” in almost any language or platform out there. I have not seen yet, someone implementing this on Salesforce LWC. I’m pretty sure someone might have tried that before me, But I thought to myself.. “Self..maybe you should write one and see what you can learn from this…”

While this won’t have much business logic baked into it, like most of the stuff we typically build in Salesforce, it definitely shows a few interesting Javascript techniques and has helped me grasp more of an understanding in how to deal with 2 dimensional…

I recently started playing with a tool called Yeoman — it excited me to see that I can automate certain tasks on my file system, but also integrate with other common CLI (Command Line Interface) web tools.

Being a fan of SFDXSalesforce Developer Experience CLI tool for managing your salesforce project, I decided to automate a few of my repetitive tasks for any custom feature I would develop on the Salesforce Lightning platform.

My Goals were mainly to reduce some manual repetitive tasks between the different projects I’m working on. In addition, I wanted to have some extra…

Yuval Vardi

Cloud Architect and a Salesforce Platform champion

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